Tewitfield Marina


Helping to protect the local wildlife

The Lancaster Canal forms a valuable wildlife corridor through towns and farmland. Originally man made, it has become naturalised over time, enabling species to survive and thrive. The whole of the Lancashire section of the canal is a designated Biological Heritage Site and noted as the largest body of water in the county. In summer, the banks are rich in wild flowers. Seed heads and berries grace the autumn days, and winter frost can be spectacular on the waterside plants. In spring, the trees are bursting with buds, and birds are busy with nesting along the banks - be sure to look out for swan pairs and native ducks.

To support the Canal & River Trust, we sell eco-friendly duck and swan food at our reception. All funds raised go towards the trust, and we think it's a great way to keep our wildlife and our guests happy without compromising on the health of the animals. Find out how you can also donate to the trust by clicking the button below.

The new Countryside Code is also a fantastic way of quickly summarising the things that you should make sure to do next time you visit. You can view the full code here.

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