Tewitfield Marina

Environmental policy


The core activity of Tewitfield Marina is to provide a holiday base that meets strict assessment criteria to become a sustainable, environmentally aware, and conservation orientated destination. The biodiversity and topography of the area are a key element in our success and we recognise our duty to responsibly manage all of or our activities that may have a negative impact on this environment.

Our focus

This environmental policy is an integral part of fulfilling several aspects of our mission statement which focus on:

  • The protection and enhancement of the local environment with the assistance of local communities and local business partnerships, the formation of cluster groups.
  • Continued assessment by an independent endorsement from a local wildlife or conservation body.
  • The provision of a sustainable, environmental and conservation orientated Marina, focusing on consumer targets before, during and after their stay.

In order to implement these aspects of our mission statement we shall undertake the following initiatives:

  • Maintain and encourage partnerships such as those with the Lake District Foundation towards the maintenance of footpaths and the protection of the landscape as well as local trusts that help to preserve the habitat of our flora and fauna.
  • Integrate energy management systems that focus on improving energy efficiency, safety and the prevention of pollution in all aspects of our business as well as the research and commitment to continual improvements with the use of new technology (i.e. all lighting operated by sensors of some form).
  • Encourage recycling and waste minimisation practices within the business.
  • Regularly evaluate the energy efficiency of the business, to set environmental objectives and targets.
  • Encourage environmental best practices with other businesses through clusters, partnerships and associations such as the David Bellamy Award, the Canal Trust, and local wildlife groups.
  • Identify an “Environmental Champion” within the business who is charged with encouraging and monitoring environmental practice within the Company.
  • Comply with existing and future legislation.

Responsibility for the environmental policy resides with the senior management of Lake District Estates. This commitment from top management aims to facilitate and encourage all members of the company hierarchy to act and encourage better environmental awareness.

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